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't Pumpke

Stadsherberg ’t Pumpke, located on De Parade, is one of the most hospitable catering businesses you’ll find, and a typical ‘Bosch’ bistro. It has been in existence for more than 100 years, and is well known for its characteristic Brabant atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to relax on a terrace after a visit to one of the many museums or nearby St. John’s Cathedral or following a day of shopping in the historical centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. With great views of the cathedral, it offers excellent quality at a reasonable price, or, as a former guest put it:

“What a great place. The waiter was very friendly and the menu fantastic, absolutely nothing to complain about!”


in hospitality

During the day, ’t Pumpke is a meeting place for people of all ages, while in the early evenings it’s a nice spot for a quick drink. On weekend evenings, ’t Pumpke transforms into a party café for young people. Established at a time when electricity and running water were not yet commonplace, Johannes Bosmans established a water and fire house in 1916. The bistro takes its name from the pumping of the water from an underground water source — water which was then heated and used by local residents for cooking, washing and warmth. The literal and figurative warmth is still in abundance at ’t Pumpke today (’t Pumpke is Brabant dialect for ‘small pump’): “It was nice and warm sitting inside and the staff were really very attentive. What more could you ask for?”


Nearby the station

Within walking distance of the station. De Parade is one of the Netherlands’ most attractive squares. In addition to ’t Pumpke, it is also home to St. John’s Cathedral, and you need only walk another street further to be right at the heart of the shopping district. The North Brabant Museum, City Museum, Museum Slager en ’t Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum (the museum dedicated to (inter)national carnival) are all within walking distance, as is the central station and a number of parking garages, making ’t Pumpke highly accessible.

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